I was pleasantly surprised last night by a press-release notifying me of re-launch of Elle-18. Elle-18 was one of my favorite brands when I was little, so the email brought back cute memories of a 12 year old me painting my nails in my favorite blue nail polish (it was all the rage, back then). Anyways, this time they have amped up the line with lipsticks, nail-polishes, lip-glosses, eye-sparklers, kajal and liquid liner. Sounds amazing, no?
Nail-pops, available in 48 explosive shades. Rs 45.
Color burst lipsticks; A burst of color with a punch of cocoa. Available in 25 trendy shades, the intensely moisturizing core protects your lips. Rs 100.
Lip smoothie; lipgloss in  delicious fruit flavours and pumped with cocoa butter. Available in 6 colors, Rs 85 only.
 Kajal; rich and lustrous black color, has almond oil. Rs 65.
Eye sparklers; versatile eye crayons with awesomeness of almond oil. Available in 5 shades. Rs 85
Black outliner; Jet black and water-resistant eyeliner juiced up with rose water. Rs 65.
I’ll post up more pictures of other shades I have been sent of. Just wanted to give you guys a preview. I am so glad Elle-18 has relaunched, I was wondering where it disappeared. Got any favorites so far? I’m loving the idea of 48 colors of nail-paints and already have a thing for the kajal!
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9 thoughts on “Elle-18 relaunches in India

  1. Glitterglamourgrace

    Im eyeing at least…one thingie from each category…Isn't it awesome that Elle 18 is re launching in such a cute way :-)


  2. Priya

    Hey i am new to your blog….This is amazing…I have always liked Elle 18, although I was never a fan of their matte nail polishes. However, the whole packaging and the graphics look cool and affordable too….Awesome…Nice post.


  3. aoyv

    Hey Priya, welcome to my blog babe!
    I know when I got this email last night, I was totally thinking of all the fun nail-paints I used to buy from my pocket money. Yup totally amazing packaging. <33 it.


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