My parents know me too well, so they got me some MAC make-up for Diwali. Of course I had to write it down for my dad, but he went to the MAC store and got me these beauties.

First up is the Triumphant Blush Face Kit from the latest Tartan Tale Collection.

A Triumphant Blush Face Kit comes with 2 coral themed blushes; Melba (matte) and Peachtwist (sheertone shimmer). Melba is a soft coral peach and Peachtwist is a golden peach. Needless to say, both blushes are GORGEOUS. Also, in the kit is Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder, which is a paler cousin of Benefit Hoola bronzer. I am in coral blush heaven. The kit comes in a little bag, which is such a cute addition!
I also got  the MAC Cherry Lip Pencil. I desperately needed a red lip pencil, so this pick was easy :)
I hope you are having/had a wonderful Diwali. Mine was the most beautiful in years.
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11 thoughts on “Diwali Gifts

  1. aoyv

    Just a word or warning, this thing is TINY! When I first saw it, I was like is that it? but it has 3.8g of blush, as opposed to 6g in the regular pan. But I have NEVER hit pan on MAC blushes and I have so many of them, so I dont mind having this one instead. Just get to try more colors :)


  2. Anamikasureka

    wow Shivani..Please thank your mom from my side too..I am too excited to c this collection is great to see them here.:)


  3. Witoxicity

    Awww, isn't your Dad super sweet! How lovely it is to get the kit from the Tartan Collection. I'm glad you had a great Diwali. :)


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