So, I read Rashmi’stag on her perfect imperfections and thought it would be a good idea to do mine. I have so many imperfections, but I am very forgiving to myself too. I don’t obsess over it, I have a tendency to let go and rejoice with my simplicity. But it is a good idea to remind myself of my shortcomings and strengths. My three imperfections: 1) I don’t photograph well. The pictures you guys see for my face of… Read more »

Annabelle is a Canadian beauty brand, which is basically my go-to drug-store brand. I recently had the opportunity to guest blog from them. I created a look with their newest collection. If you guys want to see what I came up with, click here!

You may have heard of Soniya Mehra, she is an upcoming bollywood actress and a total sweetheart. She tweets back to her fans, yes that’s really rare for a celebrity. I totally dig her breezy, girly style and asked her what her must have five products are! Much to my surprise, she replied. (You totally made my day Soniya xo) courtesy of DNA Her favorites are: 1) MAC Angel Lipstick 2) OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark” Nail Polish 3) Dior… Read more »

DiorSkin Forever Compact MAC Revenge is sweet lipglass Tarte Charmed lipstain MAC Prrr Lipglass NARS Chihuahua lipgloss Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Camelia Stila Sheer Color tinted moisturizer Dior J’adore sample

I was pleasantly surprised last night by a press-release notifying me of re-launch of Elle-18. Elle-18 was one of my favorite brands when I was little, so the email brought back cute memories of a 12 year old me painting my nails in my favorite blue nail polish (it was all the rage, back then). Anyways, this time they have amped up the line with lipsticks, nail-polishes, lip-glosses, eye-sparklers, kajal and liquid liner. Sounds amazing, no? Nail-pops, available in 48… Read more »

I am in super-cranky mood these days, read: exam stress. I am due to write an exam which 60% of the people fail, that’s right! And lately I had been feeling kind of down too, so just my life is not very happy. It is not how I imagined it to be. I just stay in holed up with my books and if time permits, I play with make-up. Yoga is another thing I seek solace in, but I can’t… Read more »

So, Sephora had a VIB sale, in which I got 20% off. I thought it would be a good time to get things which I had been putting off for a while. I hadn’t even visited Sephora in like two months, really!  So my mom, who had been so supportive of me regarding this blog, decided to declare me vain and irrational for buying things for the blog. Well its true that I don’t wear make-up everyday, but it is… Read more »

Are you a disorganized mess? Are you always storing your eye-shadows where they can easily fall off from and break? Do you still act heart-broken after they fall and break into a million pieces? Yes, I am talking about myself, but if this applies to you as well…ALL IZZ WELL! lol. I’ll show you how to fix broken eyeshadows. What you need: A zip-lock bag, a fork, a dropper (not pictured), a clean tissue (not pictured), a coin (not pictured)… Read more »

This one is for all the beautiful blush geeks; Mehak, Rashmi and Cynthia! They are kind of similar, but swatches will tell you they are in fact different blushes. MAC Peaches is a true peach blush and MAC Melba is a orange brick kind of coral. I like both, but if I HAD to pick, I’d choose MAC Peaches. Which one do you like better?

Am I being repetitive? Do you want to rename AOYV as MAC Blush Blog? I won’t mind. I <33 MAC Blushes. I could tattoo MAC Blush on my forehead. I am not kidding, ok, I may be 😛 But please bear with me, I have a feeling this month will be full of MAC blush posts. Which brings us to MAC Peachtwist blush. I like to call it sunshine in a pan.  Wait for the swatches, and you’ll know why. MAC Peachtwist… Read more »

If you just googled “MAC Melba Blush” and ended up on my site wondering why all of a sudden a MAC Blush is rectangular, it is ok. Really, it is! This particular blush is from A Tartan Tale Collection face kit. Don’t worry, I don’t get duped s*** from e-bay. What you see is, what you get baby! So back to MAC Melba Blush (matte) which is a soft coral peach, is my newest love. Melba in Greek means slender. Thin… Read more »

My parents know me too well, so they got me some MAC make-up for Diwali. Of course I had to write it down for my dad, but he went to the MAC store and got me these beauties. First up is the Triumphant Blush Face Kit from the latest Tartan Tale Collection. A Triumphant Blush Face Kit comes with 2 coral themed blushes; Melba (matte) and Peachtwist (sheertone shimmer). Melba is a soft coral peach and Peachtwist is a golden… Read more »

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