Well, I have a deep blackberry shade on my nails today. It is from a Canadian drug store brand called Joe Fresh, which is available exclusively in Superstore. If you are Canadian, you so know what I am talking about. :) These nail-polishes are super cute and the pigmentation varies from shade to shade. You’d definitely need two coats of polish for the color to show up properly. It seems streaky when you apply one coat only. BUT…at 3 for $10, I’ll be willing to overlook that! The color range is impressive, too!

PS: sorry about the messy application!
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5 thoughts on “What’s on my nails?

  1. Confessionsofabeautyholic

    It sounds great 3 for $10!

    Over here we have Essence that does pretty decent nail polishes for only €1.28… isn't it great??

    In regard to the updates, it's a shame that has happened! This also happens with me with other blogs I follow. I've added them onto my blogroll so I can keep up to date with everyone I follow as Blogger Dashboard doesn't seem to work properly.
    You can try signing up to email updates if you wish, I usually update my blog on a daily basis.

    Hope this helps! Thanks for the feedback!


  2. aoyv

    Sorry Anamika, I don't think Joe Fresh is going to venture overseas anytime. Its like local big bazaar's home brand. If you know what I mean?


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