I picked up a duty free set of L’occitane en Provence’s hand and foot cream from Frankfurt’s duty free. I am always in need of hand creams because where I live, everything is dry, the air, the water, the entire atmosphere! I am constantly applying hand cream no matter what time of the year it is. So buying this would have been fail-safe either way, I would use it up regardless of how ordinary it may have been. I didn’t think twice before picking it up.
Little did I know that I would be so pleasantly surprised. THIS IS THE BEST HAND CREAM I HAVE USED. Ok, I need to calm down! But, it really is!!! I have extremely dry skin on my body, especially my hands. Add to that, I am a germaphobe and wash my hands every opportunity I get. What impressed me about this hand cream is that I have to apply it once a day and my hands are comfortable for the rest of it!
It retails for $30 Cdn/150 ml, and it isn’t exactly cheap. But if you use once or maximum twice a day, a little goes a long way and may even prove to be cheaper than that run of the mill hand-cream.
The verdict: I LOVE IT!
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19 thoughts on “L’OCCITANE en Provence hand cream review

  1. Ki

    I always go to l'occitane thinking I'll buy it but then I wonder if it's too costly – I think your post has finally tipped the scale in its favour 😛


  2. Dr Shilpamalhotra

    hey aovy…………
    i have heard a lot of rave reviews about loccitane hand creams……..
    are there any varities………?
    m a dentist so i wash my hands say every half an hour…….what do u sugest i wud wrk fr me??…arthi on imbb also suggested the same…..
    but yes they are expensive……..and not that easily availble in india…………


  3. aoyv

    Hey Shilpa, I would only recommend THIS cream for you. Even I wash my hands a lot and I find that this cream keeps them comfortable for the entire day, so I'll recommend this to you. I have used two creams from the body shop, while they are nice, this cream is much better. I think L'occitane is available in Select City Walk in Saket if you are in Delhi? If you are skeptical, I'd say try it for yourself. Ask them to let it try it on you and then walk around the mall and wash your hands, you'll know the difference.


  4. Thebeautifier

    Hey honey! I am loving your blog makeover :)
    I have tried the L'occitane hand cream and it is such a lovely product, I love it too :)


  5. Fieran

    According to one of the sales assistants at the L'Occitane store in San Francisco, this is their number 1 best selling cream. The second best selling item is the body moisturizer (Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream). I use this cream every single day to survive the Scandinavian weather. At the store and even at duty free they have the smaller 1 oz tubes too and they are great for the handbag :)


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