At Doha Film Festival
At Abu Dhabi

The lady sure does like to keep her make-up minimal. Everything screams naturally beautiful, which is great. But a little more color won’t hurt right? I hope she would just use a warm gloss to play up her features.

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7 thoughts on “Freida Pinto’s in a (gorgeous) beauty rut?

  1. Anamikasureka

    hehhe..thank God …u know u

    I love her look..i know she would have looked great with same color eye shadow , lip gloss and blush but still she looks so flawless that i love her.


  2. aoyv

    LOL can't click on ads now, can you? lol

    yeah she is pretty and the sad thing is, she looks amazing without anything on. But I wish she'd put SOMETHING colorful on.


  3. Fieran

    I kind of like how she's being different without the pancake makeup and the smokey eye.. I mean it does seem like she wears more makeup for night events (when she wears gowns?)…but she's different – this fresh faced look is so beautiful.


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