Blush-a-holics, unite!

As certified blush addicts, you have refined your taste in well, blush!
My favorite brands for blushes are, well, MAC, NARS, Benefit and Cargo. I own many, many blushes and want to own more.
On my list, currently, are:
MAC Sincere
MAC Dame
MAC Melba
MAC Fleur Power
MAC Ambering Rose
MAC Peachtwist
NARS Deep Throat
NARS Oasis
NARS Taj Mahal
Benefit Coralista
Benefit Dallas
Cargo Catalina
Cargo Rome
Your mission is to tell me which other blushes you’d recommend to me and others who are reading this! It can be something you own and love, or something you are lusting after. In short, any blush you think deserves a mention. I’d also want you to tell me which blush, do you think, I should own first out of this list?
I <3 blush!
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17 thoughts on “Blush-a-holic Anonymous Meeting Part 1

  1. Cheekybeauty

    I think I have the same amount of blushers :)

    At the moment the one I use everyday is MAC Stark Naked..

    A soft plummy pink with very very sheer gloden flecks.



  2. Cynthia Z

    I really want some Cargo blushes! Umm…my favs are Coralista, Mac Ladyblush, Nyx Glow, MUFE quickie (which u have), Bourjois Cendre de Rose Brune, Mac Peaches, Colorbar Just Earth. OMG don't get me started! 😀



  3. rashmi

    i am ur elder sis in this :) … i mean def ur collection is big but my wish list is bigger then urs ahhaha
    but u know i am proud owner of 4 blushes u listed :) ….
    hey is nars taj mahel really good color for us ??? i mean indian skin tone …
    i am also eyeing for oasis by nars .. u suggest is it worth buying from sephora sale
    i did lot of shopping already and still confused abt NARS blush ..
    and colors for u …MAC desert rose … if u dont have it … its lovely matte color dear


  4. aoyv

    LOL Rashmi. I hope you never have a bigger collection than me…that would hurt my feelings as a blush addict. LOL, but I do wish you many, many blushes.
    Whenever I get sad, I look at my blushes, they instantly make me happy.
    I will be going to sephora soon to have a look at NARS Blushes, I'll let you know what I think of Oasis.
    Apparently its really good, but I won't know for sure because it has been discontinued now. I'll check in Sephora because I live in Canada, we get different stock, so it may still be there.
    I'll definitely look for Desert Rose next time.


  5. rashmi

    yeahhh do look out for oasis … and let me know , i still have $ 50 to spend , so may be 2 nars blushes :) , oasis and deep throat …
    the names r hmmmmm ??? my friend (He) was asking why does higher end brands comes with these names ???
    what to say dear


  6. Kim

    Hi! I just found your blog and I am so happy I did! I am a blush addict as well and NC42 skin tone.. would definately recommend MAC Desert Rose (matte browny pink) and NARS Gina (if you like MAC Gingerly but want a bigger brighter better punch).. Out of your list I saw on your previous post that you have Peachtwist and the only ones I can comment on are the ones I already own so.. Ambering rose is beautiful good choice.. NARS Deep throat is to us what Orgasm is to the pale skin ladies.. I'm not too fond of Oasis (not one of the most pigmented NARS blushes).. Hmm you are missing NARS albatross if you want a great highlight :)


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