I was going through the wedding album of my parents and saw pictures of my mom on her wedding day. She looked so beautiful! As most North Indian Brides do, she wore bright red lips and gold/maroon eyes with lots of high-lighting on her face. I tried to recreate her look in a more up-to date, modern way. I haven’t yet received permission from my mom to use her pictures on my blog, so I won’t post her pics here! I will, however, share if she agrees.
Sorry, some of the pics are a little grainy because I’m still getting used to my new camera (thanks dad)!
I did a soft gold smokey eye with liquid eye-liner and super glossy,red lips. This look was just to appreciate how amazing my mom’s make-up was on her wedding day. I’m not a fan of red eye-makeup and majorly dislike the current bridal make-up trends. I think a classic look is much better for bridal make-up. Mixtures of bright pink and reds is going to look so off in the next five years, let alone after 50 years.
Products used:
MAC NC 42 Studio finish concealer.
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin
MAC Old Gold Pigment
MAC Goldmine Eyeshadow
MAC Mineralize eyeshadow in Natural Flare (Limited Edition)
MAC Smolder eyeliner
Annabelle liquid eyeliner (black)
Dior DiorShow Mascara
MAC Margin Blush
Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation in 04
NYX lipgloss in red
MAC Russian Red Lipglass (love).

Step by step tutorial enclosed.


Step 1: Conceal your under eye area with a concealer.
Step 2: Prime your eyes using a shimmery, gold based primer, I used UDPP in Sin.
Step 3: Use MAC Goldmine e/s as an all over lid colour.
Step 4: Use MAC Old Gold pigment on the outer 1/3 of the lid.
Step 5: Using a pencil brush, place the turmeric gold colour on the inner half section of the crease.
Step 6: Do the same with the copper gold on the outer half section of the crease.
Step 7: Blend. Blend. Blend
Step 8: Using a kohl black liner, fill the waterline.
Step 9: Using the light gold colour, highlight the browbone and the inner v of the eye.
Step 10: Using the pencil brush, line the lower lash line with the same colours used in the crease. Copper gold going on the outside, turmeric gold going in the inside.
Step 11: Using a liquid liner, line the top lash line. (Mine was not very precise).
Step 12: Mascara. 2 coats. Or use false lashes.
I used MAC Margin blush because of its gold undertones. You can use your favorite blush with gold undertones.
Use your favorite red lipstick and apply MAC Russian Red lipgloss (must have).
I hope you liked this look.
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17 thoughts on “Revised Classic Indian Bridal Look

  1. aoyv

    You would look gorgeous as a bride regardless of your make-up look. You have such an amazing facial structure. But I take this as a compliment that you'd want to do your makeup like this 😛


  2. Glitterglamourgrace

    I just loved it Shivani…esp the second last pic..You look so cute..the expression. And its beautiful..the way you recreated your mom's bridal look. But the surprising part is that during our mom's time n all they never had so many products or ideas..isn't it?


  3. Ki

    Aww thank you :)

    compliments apart – how have you been? Missing India at all? BTW, you're making me wanna pick up a lakme foundation, just to try 😛


  4. Rashmi

    AMAZING … and u looking awesome man :) just too good
    i love golds and red and will try to re-create :) lets see …:)
    and u looks so naughty 😀


  5. aoyv

    Honestly. I dont miss India at all. I was so excited to be back home and sleep in my bed. There is just too much noise and everything is too animated. I like calm. lol.

    And yeah, don't buy the shade sa will recommend, go for a shade darker. I'm pretty sure I'd look like a ghost in the shade she recommended me.


  6. aoyv

    yay! I'll be so happy if you do a look like this.
    and thanks hon…ur too sweet. I look naughty – lol I have no experience being a bride, but I am sure I'll only pout and make faces on my wedding day.


  7. aoyv

    actually my mom said no! Sorry, I can't do that :/ But if it helps, she looks a lot like me. Add 5 years to my face and make my nose sharper, you'll have her as a bride 😛 And your comment is still here. In fact you have two comments now.


  8. Indianmakeupways

    hey my comment is not here?????i had put one earlier??? loved ur look!!!! plz get ur mom to share her pic in this blog then the whole retro look will look really cool with her pic alongside urs. anyway great work.


  9. Indianmakeupways

    hey really pretty look. try to make ur mom agree to sharing her pics. it would really look lovely then…the whole retro look is actually very stylish


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