In Benefit’s own words,

This delectable peach powder radiates sunshine, warming your complexion and leaving your skin looking as smooth and soft as a Georgia Peach. Southern charm never looked so sweet. Comes with a peachy keen brush too!

When I bought it, I thought it was a blush and boy was I wrong! It is too sheer to be a blush, even on the fairest girls. It hardly showed up on me as a blush and I squealed, “damn, what a waste of my $36 (Cdn).” So it just sat in the bottom of my make-up drawer, unused and feeling jealous of my other make-up. So one day I realized that it was never a blush, but an all over face powder. To be fair to Benefit, they never did market it as a blush, but always as a face-powder.
Once I did establish that it is a face-powder, I tried to wear it differently. But did I experience any luck?

Well as an NC 40 skin-tone gal, I hardly got any wear out of it. When I swatched it, I was in India and had tanned quite a bit, but you’ll get an idea of what it might look like on even darker skin-tones. When I am looking like my normal self, it looks nice. Nice in an ok way, that is! It is not a necessity by any means. It is not sheer, so it will leave a sparkly feel to your face and I am not sure if I like the feel to it. In addition to that, it feels rather chalky and does not blend well with foundation. It won’t work too well with people with dry skin as it feels blotchy, too.
The verdict: I would advise you to pass on this powder, in case you are tempted by the pretty appearance of the product. It does not have much use on darker skin-tones. On lighter skin-tones, it may work as an all-over face powder but it definitely isn’t a necessity.
Swatch on NC 40 skin-tone
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6 thoughts on “Review: Benefit Georgia Peach Powder

  1. cheekybeauty

    I am a NW25 and found that all this did, was to make me look pink all over my face! It was not a great look, and I stopped using it after 2-3 uses and gave it away!
    What a pointless product (in my opinion anyway)


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