There was a tonne of hoopla in the blogosphere about these blushes when they first launched a few months ago. I was curious (as I always am about anything make-up), but not enough to line up when these first launched. Anyways, so I finally got these only to review them for you guys (i.e., anyone who is willing to take my word for it). I have used these blushes for a good month or so and I finally thought its time to write a review. So what did I think of these? Let’s find out!

This is going to be a rather interesting review because I found this product to be mix of pro’s and con’s – on the same points! I may love this product for one of its features, and dislike it for the same.

  • The blush gives a radiating, luminous finish to the cheeks. The effect is quite different from powder blush, so there is definitely the desired effect of a cream blush. So there was definitely a point in getting this blush.
  • These blushes are super pigmented and this works both for and against for the product. These are pigmented, so a little product goes a long way. However, the problem is that a little product doesn’t come out (this will be addressed further when I discuss the packaging). So it ends being a lot of product, which is super-pigmented.
  • I love the packaging because it is sleek, practical and not a breeding ground for bacteria (MAC Creamblend blushes, hello)! However, it is far, far from being perfect. It pumps out so much product and ends up being very wasteful. And since the product is highly pigmented,  it ends up being a whole lot of wastage.
  • The colours I picked are gorgeous and unique from other blushes I own (and I own A LOT of them). However, not every color is flattering. Somehow I wish that MUFE will add more colors to the range, especially pinks and corals and focus on shades which are universally flattering.
  • You can apply the blush with fingers or a stippling brush, although I feel I have better control with my fingers.
  • The blush wears for a good 4-5 hours on me and I do not set my make-up.
  • This retails for $29 Cdn, which, to me does seem a little on the expensive side.

Overall thoughts– It is an interesting blush to own, so if you think a certain color is a must have, do not pass on it.

#2 Caught in the act
#2 Caught in the act blended.

 Colour recommendation: If you love bright blushes, you may love this. I especially love this for fall. I love to wear it with a bright deep pink lipstick and lots of eyeliner. Going to look gorgeous on light and medium skin-tones.

That’s one pump!
#6 Quickie blended!

Colour recommendation: If you love corals, do not miss this one. This is one color which looks as great on darker Indian skin-tones as it does on lighter ones! Did you see how pigmented the blush is, that one little pump gives out sooo much colour.

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23 thoughts on “MUFE HD Blushes: Review and Swatches!

  1. Tanveer Parmar

    I am planning to get some MUFE stuff next weekend. This & aqua cream are both on top of the list.. Thks for the review, it was very helpful & i'll keep your points in mind while purchasing :)


  2. ki

    Where do you think the money from my internship is going 😛

    i'm being greedy and planning to get two 😀 as for the mufe blush – i'm thinking i'll buy these once I am actually in mufe-land aka france!


  3. aoyv

    OMG I know what you mean! But my mom makes me feel so guilty for being so vain. :( I guess I'll have to set a limit on how much I can spend on make-up. Otherwise I may just spend my entire salaray.


  4. rashmi

    i did tried no 2 in store i mean MUA applied it on me and i so much loved it …
    now you have convinced me to buy that one too :)


  5. aoyv

    they are not perfect in the make, but definitely something new and some of the colors are absolutely gorgeous. You should definitely check it out!


  6. Peachesandblush

    ooh i love corals- but im a bit scared im going to put too much on and end up looking like a clown- i dont like blushes that are tooo pigmented..


  7. Cynthia Z

    Great review girl. I'm loving Quickie a lot! Thanks to u.

    I try real had to not pump very hard so not so much product comes out. So far I think I haven't wasted any 😀



  8. aoyv

    Yeah Quickie is definitely a gorgeous color, I'm so glad you love it babe. I think I am getting better with not wasting too much product too.


  9. Glitterglamourgrace


    Do I need to repeat..Its a lovely product and I love it to the core :-)

    Btw, I have something for you in my blog 😉 do collect it..


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