While waiting to board my flight at the revamped Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, I was tempted. Tempted by the gorgeous dresses in the Kimaya Boutique, tempted by the yummy and extremely fattening drinks at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, tempted by the cosmetics. I was being pulled in three different directions. The problem was, I don’t have a credit card! Yes, I can tie my own shoe-laces, drive a car, have a bachelors degree, but I still don’t have a credit card! Actually, its for my own good. One, because it means I don’t spend the money I don’t have and two, that means I can get my credit card purchases free of cost – courtesy of my mom, of course (love you).
Anyways, we had to wait for a good 2-3 hours to board our flight, so a little make-up shopping was in order! I headed over to Chanel, to see what was new! I was going through a foundation phase, I guess you can say that I still am (hello, MAC Pro Longwear Foundation!), so this little baby caught my eyes! I just wanted a foundation with a luminous glow and what better than Chanel, right? The sales associate recommended Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation in 43 Cannelle. What did I think of it? Let’s find out!

What I like about it?

  • Gives a gorgeous glow to your face. The skin looks dewy and luminous.
  • Looks natural at the same time.
  • Thin in consistency, very easy to apply.
  • SPF 15 – its not useless SPF 10 (hello, Dior) or useless SPF 8 (hello, Lakme).
  • So hydrating – your skin feels so loved!
What I didn’t like about it?
  • The packaging. I have no issues with the gorgeous embedded double C’s, but the insides – it leaks away so much product.
  • The match is slightly off, it oxidizes a bit.
The verdict: The actual product is great (what else do you expect from Chanel :P), but I am not a fan of the packaging. You expect perfection when you pay your top dollar, packaging was a fail with this one. Β It costed me $46 US or $50 CDN at duty free price, but I am not sure what it costs on counters.
Recommendation: If you are looking for a great everyday foundation which gives you that glow, Chanel Vitalumiere might be it. But you must look out for the leakages and must not mind paying your top $$.
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4 thoughts on “Chanel Vitalumiere: The Foundation which feels oh so good!

  1. aoyv

    I'll take Inglot's price and packaging and chanel's actual foundation in a lighter shade! πŸ˜›

    I don't think you can compare the two, because of the difference in pricing. AND the fact that they are both different foundations.They wear differently too. One is very natural, the other is really brightening. Maybe I'll wear these in a FOTD.


  2. aoyv

    Hi Guest! :)
    Yes, the color is quite obvious. You should check out my newest post, which is a video. I am wearing it in the video. It is a nice foundation, no doubt but it doesn't photograph well. Goes too dark there too.


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