I had been toying with the idea of getting a MAC Paint Pot for the longest of time. At first, I had no idea what it was; was it a cream eyeshadow, an eye paint (whatever that means) or an eyeshadow base? The answer is the latter, it is an eyeshadow base. It is available in seven colors, ranging from nude bases to black. From my experience, I gather that they can be worn as eyeshadow and eyeshadow bases. I wanted a neutral base that could be worn with all kinds of eyeshadows, so I opted for Painterly, which is a nude beige.
What I liked about it? When worn on its own, it applies smoothly and does not crease. It blends fine with eyeshadow, without messing up their color. As a base, it is comparable to Urban Decay Primer Potion, although I think I like it a tad bit more. When worn with a paint pot, my eye make-up lasts for 5 to 6 hours, which is amazing for me considering I rub my eyes a lot. It costs $20 Canadian for 5g of product – which is a whole lot for this thing. Unless it dries out, I suspect this thing is going to last me a lifetime. I love that it comes in tub and I can just use my fingers to place it on my lid.
What I don’t like about it? Nothing!
Will I repurchase? I don’t think I’ll need to, but I definitely want to get other colors, especially Rubenesque and Blackground.
Overall Rating – A

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12 thoughts on “MAC Painterly Paint Pot – Review.

  1. Fathima Abdul Kader

    oooooooh! thank you soooo much shivani!!I have been asking around everyone on IMBB bout this paint pot and u answered the exact questiion..whether it is comparable to UDPP!!! THANKS SOOO MUCH!! now i gotta go save up enough rupess to get this!!!


  2. Ki

    I'm gonna try rubenesque too! I'm a bit worried about painterly looking ashy on my NC43 skin :-/

    I'm getting UDPP eden and their deluxe shadow box next month 😀


  3. G.G.G

    Know what?? Each n every review I read about this, I am more n more convinced to buy it. Will check out diff shades at the shop. But painterly seems to be in my basket already :-)

    Nice review Shivani..Very crisp and to the point


  4. Adorable On Your Vanity

    @GGG – you'll love it. Especially how hot and humid it is in India, eyeshadow bases and primers are a must!

    @Fathmia – Rubenesque has a sparkly sheen to it, it is comparable to UDPP in Sin. I think you can wear it as it is and under sparkly shadows.


  5. fieran

    @Ki: Kiii, I'm NW45 and I use painterly. It does look very light – but after applying the eyeshadow on top, etc, you can't see it anymore. So it's not bad. The only reason I want to try UDPP now is because Painterly does crease for me – about 6 hours later maybe. 3-4 hours is quite good.


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