On the occasion of my birthday, my mommy took me shopping at Select City Walk Mall in Delhi. We were to lunch at Olive first, but thanks to MCD and its ongoing creations on the streets of Delhi, I had to go for lunch at Punjab Grill instead. Stupid MCD! I first headed over to MAC, which is like my second home. I have been to MAC in India twice and have been disappointed by their service both times. I asked the MUA to call the other store to see if they had the stock of the Marine Life high lighter and she just made up an answer, without attending to me. I guess MAC won’t be a favorite for me if I was living there. Anyways, so I ended up at Inglot, a brand which I was yet to discover. I had nothing specific in my mind and was just browsing. The MUA was lovely, she personally attended to me even though I told her there was nothing I wanted, really. I ended up buying a few eyeshadows, a nailpolish and a foundation.
411 on the foundation:
  • An illuminating foundation.
  • Perfect for normal to dry skin.
  • Rs 1100 for 30 ml.
  • I use MW 101
  • Comes in a sleek pumped bottle.

What I like about it?

  • I wanted to get a couple of foundations from India because I haven’t found my perfect match as of yet. I have said this like a million times and you are probably rolling your eyes at this time, but I have come closer with my search this time. The color is lighter than the foundations I usually wear, but blends beautifully with my skin tone and gives a glow. Maybe I was wearing darker foundation all along. :/
  • The consistency is just right; you don’t have to add water or use sparingly.
  • It gives a nice illuminating glow to the skin and makes this foundation ideal for chicks with normal to dry skin.
  • So cheap – the product has great quality and costs Rs1100, which is like $22 Cdn.
  • A perfect fuss-free pumping system. Keeps the bacteria out and pumps out just the right amount.
  • Has great lasting power with medium coverage.
  • Photographs beautifully.

What I don’t like about it?  I am yet to find a flaw in it.

Will I repurchase? Yes. So far I love whatever Inglot products I have tried.

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12 thoughts on “Inglot AMC Cream Foundation – A Review

  1. Glitterglamourgrace

    Wowie..Perfect timing..intending to visit Inglot in del soon..Can check out all these stuff. It helps a lot when I previously read a review :-)


  2. mehak

    The MAC counter in gurgaon is the worst possible one. The assistants are more concerned about doing their own makeup than helping other people AND they are short staffed. Select City is still slightly better. I love Inglot in select city. That place looks like a colour factory, its so pretty..
    About wearing darker foundations, somehow whenever iv gone to MAC and other stores and asked for a foundation, they always advise me a shade darker(nw 35) and i come home and im like- this isnt my perfect skin tone match…but last time i accidentally bought a shade lighter (nw 30) and i am much happier with it…


  3. aoyv

    Oh yes, I remember! MAC Gurgaon chick was HORRIBLE to me and suggested ridiculous shades of foundation like NC 43.5. I got matched again in select city walk and the girl said I was NC35. I didn't buy though and when I came back into my car I saw streaks of foundation darker than my skin. Unfortunately, I am based in Gurgaon and though I love it, I hate the MAC store in Ambi mall.

    Inglot sales people are really sweet. I enjoyed shopping there lots.


  4. Tanveer Parmar

    Wow, a foundation with no cons! Now that is a keeper girl :)

    Glad u found yr prefect match.. I am still looking for it. I have been seeing banners of Inglot – Opening Soon near my place since the last one year. I hope they do open soon :)


  5. Cynthia Z

    Ooh…sounds tempting! I like that u call it cheap hehe…
    I know what u mean about the Mac SAs here…they feel so posh yet without any knowledge of what Mac product does what :[

    Hey do lemme know how u find this Disqus comment system. I'm confused betwn this n Intense debate



  6. aoyv

    Ugh they are horrible. They have no idea how to match foundation. Its either too dark or too light. i think i know more about MAC than those ladies.
    I like disqus better than intense debate. If you decide to take it off, you can download all your comments back. And I don't have to moderate, if there is a troll, I can just block that IP address.


  7. Getgawjus

    They did not have my shade girl :( It was either this or something too light or two dark. I think they skip quite a few colours in the middle.


  8. Getgawjus

    I did not like this foundation to be honest. I got excited when I got it initially but then it was so glittery and grey for some reason. I think I got the same shade as you, not sure. I wish I loved it too!


  9. aoyv

    Hey, I just read your review. To each her own, I guess. It works well on me. And honestly, I think we are not the same shade – you are definitely lighter so maybe it was a shade problem. Grey and glittery does not sound good :/


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