Hi everyone, its been really long. I had been busy with my convocation and now I am busy with packing my life away for my long vacation in India. I am so, so excited to shop, eat, spend time with my childhood friends and cousins. I am also excited to see all the make-up outlets there and see how things are done there. As for now, let’s get back to business with my latest MAC blush, it is called Gingerly. I’ll shush and let some swatches do the talking.

Shade description: Capri bronze (sheertone)

Recommendation: If you are looking for a natural finish blush, you may just fall in love with Gingerly. It is a lighter, more wearable shade of Coppertone  . If you have Coppertone, you may not want to have Gingerly, unless you are an earthy blush fiend. If I had to pick one of the two myself, I would definitely choose Gingerly because it promises more wear. It is a perfect color for day as it adds a bit of warmth on you face, without looking obvious. It is also a great blush to have in your stash because it looks amazing with smokey eyes or bright lips.Perfect when you want to play up one feature besides your cheeks.
Other comments: Kajol swears by this blush, as does make-up maestro Mickey Contractor.
Only my recent haul!
Please credit my pictures if you happen to use them. Link me back, please :)
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