A lot of people have asked me which foundation I wear. Sometimes they say, “oh your skin looks so good and you are not even wearing make-up.” Well, I am. I am the sort of girl who feels incomplete without my foundation and I rarely leave my house without a thin layer of cake (no frost, though =P ). If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I have normal but dry skin (I refuse to call it dry because I can skip moisturizer now and then and it stays comfortable, but I do need it for the most part like at least twice a week). So without further distractions, let me tell you about the guy who fetches me a lot of compliments, his name is Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Make-up SPF 10.
( Editor’s note: I’m not sure why I had to give this foundation a gender, but I did, so bear with me!)
In terms of coverage, I’d say it is between light and moderate. I can’t say it belongs to either bracket because while it covers minor imperfections in my skin (dullness, slight blemishes), it feels and looks like I am not wearing foundation at all. So I guess it does the work of a moderate coverage foundation and feels like a tinted moisturizer on the skin. Which also means that I remain undecided on how to define this foundation, but I hope you have gotten the point by now =P. The foundation is extremely hydrating and I would say that along with Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar, this foundation has been extremely instrumental in my skin’s recovery from the blotchy, dry phase. The hydrating quality of this base also gives a nice glow to my skin. It is a mineral based foundation, made from mineral water and this is what brings a subtle glow to your skin. Because it is highly hydrating, it becomes my darling in the winters and because of it being so light and wearable, I like it in summers too! All the more reasons why this is a great everyday foundation. It costs $46/US and $47/Cdn (lol a dollar worth of difference) for one oz of product, I would say it is justified. I use 3 pumps a wear and I have been using this foundation since November (I’d say I use it at least 3 times a week) and it is no where closer to being finished today. The packaging is also sleek, classic and practical. I can’t tell you how much I love the pumping function in a foundation because it means minimal bacteria spread. :)
While it has all the properties of what makes a good, reliable foundation for everyday, it does have some minor flaws. While the SPF 10 may appear to be a desirable trait to some, it is a definite no-no to me. SPF and foundation should not be mixed, period! And while we are at it, what good is SPF 10 anyways? Shouldn’t it be at least SPF 15 to offer reliable protection? Anyways, the Titanium Dioxide present makes this foundation less than perfect for pictures. Ladies, I cannot stress enough of how this mixture of foundation and SPF is something that ruins pictures like nobody’s business! Also, this foundation will oxidize on you. So while it may look light in the pan or when you put it on your hand, it will be a different color after thirty minutes of application. So if you are torn between two shades, opt for the lighter one. I am NC40 and my ideal shade is Honey Beige – 040. This foundation is very liquid, for the lack of better words. What I mean to say that it is very thin in terms of consistency and I don’t like to use a foundation brush for application. It is best applied with a stippling brush (I use MAC 187) or with fingers. If I use a traditional foundation brush like MAC 190, it leaves streaks because it is very thin in consistency.
The long and short of it:
  • A great everyday foundation.
  • Functions like a moderate coverage foundation and feels like a tinted moisturizer.
  • Hydrating.
  • Gives you a glow.
  • Costs you $46/US and $47/Cdn.
  • Lasts you a long time.
  • Nice packaging.
  • I hate the SPF 10 –  useless function.
  • Oxidizes, so pick a shade lighter when confused.
  • Don’t apply it with a traditional foundation brush – use a stippling brush or apply it with fingers.

Will I repurchase? Let’s just say I can’t imagine my life without this baby. <3
Overall Rating: A

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8 thoughts on “The story of my go-to foundation: Dior DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Make-Up SPF 10

  1. Adorable On Your Vanity

    @ Abhinav/Ki – lol I got this message last night when I was about to go to bed and I was like whatttt? Who is this Abhinav and why does he care about foundations, lol. It cracked me up.

    @GGG – thanks hon. I really like this foundation, I would be very happy if you like it too.


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