I have until today, never used false eyelashes. I have always been skeptical of how they may feel on my eyes and not to mention, look absolutely fake. I’m all about the natural, you see. So when I came across Revlon’s Beyond Natural Eyelashes in Defining (91148), I decided to give it a chance! So amor or no es amor?
Look pretty natural, don’t they?
I think they look natural on too. What do you think?
What I like about these?
  •  These do live up to their name and indeed are natural. I mean if I didn’t tell you that I was wearing false lashes, would you even be able to tell?
  • Very light weight. You even forget that you have something sitting on your eyes.
  • I don’t have to deal with clumpy mascaras (for the most part).
  • Relatively easy to apply. This was my first time and I did goof up, but overall it was an easy thing to do.
  • Comes off easily with an oil based eye make-up remover. No irritation or stretching whatsoever.
  • Can be used multiple times. Just be careful when you take them off and make sure you don’t deteriorate the shape.
  • The price – $5.15/US. Isn’t it a steal? I have always been skeptical of drugstore brands’ quality. But Revlon (along with a few others) maintain high quality in their products and I do feel comfortable using them.

What I didn’t like about these?

  • These were actually too small for my eyes. I had a hard time deciding how to put them on. I made the mistake of putting them on one end, but you should work from the center and work your way out. The build of these lashes is such that you can’t work from corners. I had to brush the ends with mascara to get a uniform look.

Verdict: If you are looking for natural looking false lashes at an affordable price, then you will love Revlon’s Beyond Natural Professional Eyelashes in Defining 91148. Be sure to look out for these next time you are in a drugstore.

Overall Rating: B+
Editor’s note: This product was sent to me by the manufacturer for consideration. For my detailed disclosure policy, click here.
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12 thoughts on “Revlon Beyond Natural Defining Lashes – Review

  1. Cynthia Z

    Lovely! They look so natural. I so wanted to try them. I also got a mail from them…gave my add n everything but don't know if they'll send to India



  2. Chibu74

    yep, these lashes do look natural

    Even i am skeptical about using fake lashes. I got two pairs from NYX a few months back and still haven't tried those lashes on..lol..i guess now i should


  3. Makeup with MBA

    I like 21,31 ..any of natural looking lashes do for me. The sad thing is no matter how hard I try to take off the glue at the max I've been able to use these twice but yes they look natural. I've heard so much about Revlon's false lashes and they are cheaper than MAC so wud love to try these.
    XO Yuvna


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