AOYV reader Chami had a request for a foundation suitable for her skin-tone which has whole lotta yellow undertones. She was highly impressed by the DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Make-up and asked for a shade I’d recommend for her. Well the truth is, I’d recommend nothing for someone with deep yellow undertones from that line. If you have a deeper skin-tone with yellow undertones – Dior is probably NOT the range for you. It only carries neutral toned shades for deeper skin. Also, I’d have to say that I have peachy undertones, so I am much happier with my Honey Beige – 040, which has neutral undertones and matches my skin perfectly. So which foundation would I recommend to her? Well, it would have to be Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation which has 25 shades to cater to every skin tone!

I like this foundation just as much, if not more than my Dior one! It is a medium coverage foundation and covers minor imperfections like slight discoloration here and there. You would need a concealer to get an overall flawless look if you have more problem areas. It leaves the skin radiant and glowing. It is the opposite of cake-y. In fact, if you find your perfect match (which you most likely will), you wont even me able to tell you have make-up on. You will feel it too, this foundation is extremely breathable and light-weight. As an added bonus, it photographs beautifully. I cannot imagine wearing any other foundation on days I will be photographed. It also has great lasting capacity – I wore it with my primer and it does last all day long. It retails for $40/US or $46 Canadian for 1.01 oz.

The long&short of it:

  • Has a vast range of shades – so you are likely to find yours.
  • Medium coverage but extremely lightweight.
  • Photographs beautifully.
  • Great lasting power.
  • $40/US or $46 Cdn for 1.01 oz.

Overall Rating:  A

Will I repurchase? Yes, it is hands down one of the best foundations I have tried and I have tried a lot of them.

If you happen to use my pictures, please credit them by providing a link to my site! Thank you :)

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