Hello Kittens! I have found my new love from MAC and his name is Prrr Lipglass. While all he does is meow and pounce, he does so sweetly. He can be worn on dates, but is equally sweet to go shopping with. He is my perfect idea of a repetitive summer fling. Sounds like a keeper, this one – right? PS: I think he’ll look smokin’ with MAC’s smolder eyeliner. What would you wear it with? Please credit my pictures… Read more »

AOYV reader Chami had a request for a foundation suitable for her skin-tone which has whole lotta yellow undertones. She was highly impressed by the DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Make-up and asked for a shade I’d recommend for her. Well the truth is, I’d recommend nothing for someone with deep yellow undertones from that line. If you have a deeper skin-tone with yellow undertones – Dior is probably NOT the range for you. It only carries neutral toned shades… Read more »

Holy crap! Bourjois is available like 10 minutes away from my house and I keep looking for it everywhere but where it is actually sold (Shoppers Drug Mart for my fellow Canadians) . Serves me right for ignoring the thing called drugstore! The weather has been kind of a downer lately and it is snowing in the end of May. After a workout at the gym, I felt like taking a drive and ended up at Shoppers and just before… Read more »

I have until today, never used false eyelashes. I have always been skeptical of how they may feel on my eyes and not to mention, look absolutely fake. I’m all about the natural, you see. So when I came across Revlon’s Beyond Natural Eyelashes in Defining (91148), I decided to give it a chance! So amor or no es amor? Look pretty natural, don’t they? I think they look natural on too. What do you think? What I like about… Read more »

Is there a product that you have always wanted to try but never got around to trying?  I had been wanting to try Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($44 Cdn or $36 US for 50 ml) for the longest of time but for some reason or another, I was never quite able to. So when Sephora had their VIB Sale in April, I thought it would be a good time to finally indulge in things I had been putting off for… Read more »

I know it is spring (where I live, at least) and the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. The demand of the season is that you paint your nails in corals, hot pinks, yellows or blues. But tell me has a classic red ever failed? Decide for yourself! The perfect red nail polish, isn’t it? It has become my favorite beating OPI The Thrill of Brazil (I still like that one lots, though). Have you found your perfect… Read more »

Lately, I have been feeling guilty for spending wayyy too much money on make-up. I have been going on ridiculous shopping sprees to stock up on things I need for myself and reviewing purposes. So I last week, I put a ban on make-up shopping. That all changed after my amazing “browsing” experience at the Benefit counter of Holt Renfrew in Calgary. I was just there to show my friend what blush I was wearing (Sugarbomb) and the lovely Benefit… Read more »

A lot of people have asked me which foundation I wear. Sometimes they say, “oh your skin looks so good and you are not even wearing make-up.” Well, I am. I am the sort of girl who feels incomplete without my foundation and I rarely leave my house without a thin layer of cake (no frost, though =P ). If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I have normal but dry skin (I… Read more »

If you are of deeper skin tone and want a subtle, sheer pink blush to show up, put a liquid tint as a base. I love using Benefit Posie-tint as a base for my Benefit Sugar Bomb blush. Not only does the colour show up, it stays longer too!

MAC Pinkarat Lustreglass Shade description: Soft toned pink with gold pearl Recommendation: If you are looking for a pink lip gloss, with lots of shine, you may like MAC Pinkarat Lustreglass . It is sheer but has lots of shine which makes is a great gloss to layer over lipstick to add some shine to your color. You can also wear it alone for a sheer hint of color and shine. Other comments: Not for you if you can’t stand… Read more »

Eyes: Create a basic smokey eye using Dior 5-Colour Designer All in one Artistry Palette in Navy Design. Curl your lashes and finish off with two coats of mascara. Cheeks: Lightly dust off MAC Peaches Sheertone Blush on the apples of your cheeks. Lips: A peachy-pink lipstick like MAC Ravishing lipstick.

Shade description: Nude with golden undertones. Comments: Clinique’s Long Last Glosswear in SPF 15 in Knockout Nude may be for you if you are looking for a true nude lip gloss with slight shimmer. It is a sheer lip gloss, perfect for the warmer seasons to compliment your warmer, tanned skin. The lip gloss is long lasting and lasts me a good 2-3 hours, I wouldn’t agree with the claim that it lasts upto eight hours – it did not… Read more »

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