This summer season its all about minimal sultriness and Deepika Padukone on the cover of Vogue, shows us how. To get her look, try the following steps.

Skin: Play up the natural warmth of your skin, not with a bronzer, but with a tinted moisturizer a shade darker than you would normally wear. I LOVE Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15. Skip the blush and instead using a sculptor, define your jawline and cheekbones. I recommend MAKE UP FOR EVER Sculpting Kit in 3.

Eyes: Using Dior’s 5-Colour Designer All-in-one Artistry Palette in Navy Design‘s two darkest shade, create a super dark smokey eye, extending it only to the crease. Finish off with two coats of waterproof mascara.

Lips: Use MAC Lip Erase in Dim to get the flesh nude effect. If you have dry lips, you may want to prep up your lips with a moisturizing lip balm prior to using MAC lip erase. In my experience, I found it to be extremely drying. And since Lip Erase is PRO product, a substitute can be mix of concealer with clear gloss.

The Make-up: MAC’s Mickey Contractor focused on a smudged, smoky kohl eye–“We aimed for a not-so-perfect look, a little messy.” He contrasted that with a nude lip giving us a key tip to achieve this look–“Use concealer with lipgloss for the perfect nude lip which is huge this season.”

Editor’s Note: Deepika’s make-up was done by Mickey Contractor for MAC and hair were styled by Stefano Greco. The products I recommended are different from what were used on Deepika, which would be all MAC, but will give you a similar look. (As told to me by Vogue India). 

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