Description: A very baby peach (Sheertone Shimmer)


  • If you are looking for an everyday blush to brighten up your overall look, look no further than MAC Peachykeen Sheertone Shimmer Blush. I have been using this blush for the past year and it has become my absolute must have. When I have no idea what make-up to wear, I often first reach out to my trusted Peachykeen. It is very sheer, but at the same time gives enough punch in color to complete an everyday look.
  • If you are new to blush, this is the only blush I would recommend to you because it is very versatile; it is perfect for day or night.
Other comments: 
  • Very similar to NARS Orgasm in terms of color, but at least 10 times more sheer in punch. You can, however, build up coverage if you want.
As seen on:

Editor’s note: Sonam is wearing a Loreal Blush in the picture, but Peachykeen will give you the same peachy flush she is sporting.
More swatches enclosed 
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