Best if you want to: Give cheeks a healthy glow and lips a wash of color with a dual-purpose stain that complements all complexions.
Best for: all skin tones
What it is designed to do:

  • Gel-based formulation is fast drying and easy to blend.
  • Glycerin and pathenol moisturize lips and improve hydration.
  • Angled applicator brush and well on the stem pack is designed for easy application, while minimizing product spillage.

Right: With flash

Left: Without Flash


  • Gives a subtle, natural flush to the cheeks.
  • Color is great for olive skin-tones. I like the nude and sparkle it gives on my skin.
  • Does not dry out my lips.


  • Has a very weird, bitter taste to it. I hate wearing it on my lips.
  • Not long lasting on the lips. On the cheeks, it has staying power – but on the lips…may as well forget about it.
 Overall Rating – C+
With sooo many lip products around, this comes across as a disappointment. The biggest kill-joy is the weird taste it has on the lips – its kind of gross. I wouldn’t heartily recommend it – but the color is gorgeous, especially for summers. If The Body Shop will fix the taste, I may be willing to re-purchase. 

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8 thoughts on “The Body Shop Lip + Cheek Stain – 03 Coral Shimmer

  1. Tanveer Parmar

    I have this in 01 – the cool pink tone.

    I actually quite liked that one. It didn't taste weird (but I have to admit I never tasted it even accidentally when it was wet, once dry it did taste) – and it had pretty decent staying power on my lips like 3 to 4 hours.

    Maybe they are different formulas. Or just our skin differs. But this color is nice too :)


  2. Adorable On Your Vanity

    Yeah I have had that one too…that's why I had such great expectations from this one. But all gone. now. :(

    This color is great, but other flaws are too much for me to deal with. :(

    I'll just use it as a cheekstain from now on.


  3. G.G.G


    Thats a nice colour. I guess they have only 2 shades right? Have never used Lip n Chek Stain before. The cute bottles of Bourjois is tempting me though :-)


  4. Cynthia Z

    I hate bitter lip products too >.< .
    Not tried BS tints but I love the Bourjois Hi-tech ones. Oh u chabged yr blog name?! That's why no updates r comin on my dashboard!



  5. Rati

    I have this in bronze. I like using it more on my cheeks than on my lips. The one that Tanveer uses would look great on lips as well because I think it does not have shimmer. The coral and bronze ones have shimmer and when the watery base evaporates the chunk of glitter is left behind on your lips. It looks quite ugly that ways.


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