Meet one of my favorite eyeshadows of all time – Stila’s Kitten. It is a classic shimmering nude pink with AMAZING pigmentation. It also has to be the most silky feeling eyeshadow, which blends extremely easily. I love the color – which is perfect for school or to pair with a bold lip, making this shadow extremely versatile. It works amazingly well as a high-lighter too. My only problem with this? It has a lot of fall-out. So whenever I use this baby, I do my base/foundation after doing my eyes. Also, it is expensive for a solo color. But I am willing to overlook this flaw because I get a lot of wear out of this and I am sure very soon, I will hit the pan. So all in all, it is worth buying.

Without flash
With flash.
Overall Rating – A- 
If you are looking for an easy to work with color that’s versatile – look no further than Stila’s Kitten.
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