I got bitten by really glittery bug tonight – The Lush Glitterbug Iridescent Soap. It is glittery alright – and makes me look like a grade 6 art project (in a good way, I hope).

Sprinkling fairy dust all over can get rather messy, so we melted our glitter into this cocoa and shea butter massage bar. Rub it all over your collarbone and arms for a bluish mauve sparkle that lasts all night. You’ll draw their attention with the shimmer, then when they get close enough to smell the gorgeous fragrance of neroli, beautiful vanilla and sexy rose, they’ll be swooning in no time!


  • The soap on its own, is exfoliating and extremely moisturizing at the same time. I did not feel the need to put lotion after.
  • Has a pleasant smell to it and is not too strong. After the bath it leaves a hint of the smell.
  • It looks cute – that’s the only reason I bought it in the first place. The purple glitter peeking out of the soap is really adorable. :)


  • It leaves a tonne of glitter on you. And by that, I mean a whole lotta glitter. Next time I’ll only use it on my arms and legs and NOT on neckline. I don’t want a lot of staring going on in that region. LOL.
  • The price – $6.95 for a teeny tiny soap doesn’t make a lot of sense.
Overall Rating – B- 
If you are looking for a gift for a 12 y o who loves glitter, Lush’s glitterbug will be your calling. I won’t repurchase again because I am not a fan of glitter.
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7 thoughts on “Lush glitterbug Iridescent soap

  1. Tanveer Parmar

    I loved the concept! a soap that leaves behind glitter! Wow!

    Only if they replace the purple glitter with fine nude shimmer – tht wld be wow!

    But I really wanna try this too! Seems like a lot of fun 😀


  2. Adorable On Your Vanity

    Yes, my thoughts exactly. Although this purple is not tacky at all, its still too glittery for me and this glitter lasts a long time for me, I still have it on :O

    But if you are going to a party then this kind of thing is amazing…I had college in the morning :/ that's why I am not too happy about the purple glitter.


  3. Divija Reddy

    Hi Shivani! I am doing fine, thnq sweetie! I am kinda sick, but not exactly! So, not much happening around!

    Nice concept of glitter, but what the heck??? Good decision not to repurchase LOL :)


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