I absolutely adore Lush’s fresh face masks – almost all of them that I have tried thus far. Brazened Honey, also was no exception.
“Refreshing herbs and fruit juice are blended with warming Ayurvedic herbs and spices. With ground almonds to polish and moisturizing honey, this blend leaves the skin vibrant and revitalized. Apply to Clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave for five to ten minutes, then rinse with warm water massaging gently. Keep chilled.”

Its primary ingredients consist of Kaolin, Talc, Lime, Sage, Rosemary, Egg, Honey, Glycerin,  Fennel, Sweet Almond, Ginger, Parseley, Coriander and Turmeric.

I especially loved the scent, it was very pleasant and subtle. The consistency of the paste felt good on my skin – not too thick or thin. Although I do think consistency is something that depends on the ingredients but this especially felt good on my skin. I did feel slight irritation on my skin initially, but my skin is especially sensitive and that’s how it feels on most lush masks. It did not result in a rash of any sorts and just calmed down within the two minutes of application. All in all, it is a very exfoliating mask, like Lush’s Love Lettuce and for me is in the same ranks. From now on, I’d like to alternate between Love Lettuce and Brazened Honey.  Love Lettuce is a better exfoliating mask and Brazened Honey has a more cooling, moisturizing properties to it.

If you are looking for an easy 10 minute pick up for your skin – Brazened Honey just may be your calling :)

Overall Rating – A-
PS: sorry for the poor quality of pictures. I took from my iphone 😐
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8 thoughts on “Lush Brazened Honey Face Mask – Review

  1. Rati

    This looks so amazing, Shivani. I love their Lush Angels on the Bare skin. Just keep the lush stuff in fridge and it lasts you long. I am gonna give this a try for sure. As it is summers are pretty harsh here so this looks like a must have. :)

    Thanks for the review, darling. And there is not much problem with your pics. Especially the second one is so lovely. :)


  2. Adorable On Your Vanity

    aww thanks babes. another good one for summers is BB Seaweed – esp to counter the sun damage. Its just great to have these in your fridge and use them whenever you like :)

    I have more lush goodies coming up for ya. xx


  3. G.G.G

    I have never tried Lush scrubs or face packs. It was always those moisture bars for me..Looks like i need to expand my Lush trials :-)
    Thanks for the review Shivani.


  4. Cynthia Z

    Sounds so goooodd! Great review n the pics look just fine girly. Better than those which some people click with their hi-fi cameras in poor lighting.. I swear 😀



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