I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed these glosses I got a while back – they are absolutely amazing. Say hello to Korres Cherry Lip Kisses. What attracted me the most to this trio was the amazing price – I think about 23 Canadian Dollars. When the sales associate suggested – I thought why the heck not.
The set contains of three best selling shades – Nude, Natural Purple and Fuschia.
Nude is a sheer pinky beige that has a few specks of shimmer in it. It goes perfectly well for the day or to pair with an intense eye-look. It is not completely sheer, so it gives enough coverage for pigmented lips.

Fuchsia is a shimmering muted fuchsia. It is sheer, so it is not overwhelmingly pink. It is perfect to pair over a dark lipstick to seal the color.

Natural purple is a sheer plum brown, but I found it to be more on the milky mauve side. Either way, its a very unique color that makes a great everyday look.


  • Selection of three great colors – all wearable by a wide range of skin-tones.
  • The lip-gloss in itself are very smooth, non sticky.
  • Great value. I just measured it against a MAC lipglass and it is pretty much the same quantity.
  • Smells great. Fragrance is personal, but the smell of cherry is amazing. The cherry oil also moisturizes.
  • Contains Vitamin E and C for antioxidant protection.
  • Lasts for around 1-2 hours – which for me, is great. I eat up lip gloss really fast.


  • None that I can think of. This product was a pleasant surprise.
 Without flash
With flash.
Overall Rating – A
These lipglosses are at par with any other brand. In fact, I may prefer them to MAC but they lack the range. Nonetheless, I want to try other colors from this range because my experience so far, has been nothing short of wonderful.
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