One fine day, I went shopping to window-shop the blues away. Then, I went into Lush to pick up an affordable treat that would be instantly rewarding. I had my usual in mind – a fresh face mask. For some odd reason, I wanted to look some more. Little did I know that I would meet the love of my life, Buffy the Backside Slayer

During a trip to Brazil, product inventor Rowena was inspired by the beautiful women who rub a mixture of sand and suntan oil on their backsides to improve circulation and reduce cellulite. She came home, mixed together cocoa and shea butters (to soften and moisturize), ground rice, almonds and aduki beans (to exfoliate you to velvety perfection) and voila, Buffy was created. Buff yourself in the bath or shower (pay special attention to your backside), rinse and pat dry.


  • It exfoliates like nobody’s business. I especially love it because its hard to exfoliate your skin every single day – I mean who has the time? The aduki beads are especially a great exfoliant.
  • It moisturizes like a dream. I am one of those super lazy people who detest putting on the lotion and unfortunately for me, I am also one of those people who have incredibly dry skin. The cocoa and shea butter really do moisturize. You don’t need a seperate lotion or oil after – even if you have the driest skin like I do.
  • It is great value. Over $20 for a soap can’t be reasonable you’d say…but, it is an exfoliant, soap and lotion in one. Trust me when I say it is all you need. And one big soap bar will last you a month, at least.
  • It fights cellulite. I don’t have cellulite yet, but its better to be safe than to be sorry later, right?


  • None
Overall Rating – A+
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11 thoughts on “Buffy the backside slayer = LOVE

  1. Tanveer Parmar

    Sounds nice.. now only if Lush would open a store closer to my place. They have two stores in Mumbai and both are at the ends of the world.. at least 2 hr drive one way for me..


  2. Adorable On Your Vanity

    Oh no. But at least you have one in reachable proximity. I feel bad when I go gaga over a product and the brand is not even in India :/
    I really hope you guys get a sephora soon. I mean the cost of living will go up, but what the heck. LOL :)


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