What it is:
A “sugar rush flush” facial powder.

What it does:
Gimme some sugar—with sugarbomb! These four unique shades of rose, shimmering pink, soft plum, and peach blend together perfectly for a delicious “sugar rush flush.”

Why I love it? 
  • I have to be pretty honest, and say upfront that the only reason I fell in love with this is its appearance. Benefit’s blushes are just so freaking adorable. I know some people have issues with the packaging, but I simply adore it. The packaging is cute, fun and very unique.
  • The cute little brush is definitely a nice addition to the packaging. It is not your ideal blush brush, but it works on the go.
  • Now the product itself. I have to say that this is a very sheer blush. It all comes down to the fact whether you like sheer or not. Personally, I am all over it. Its perfect for the day – gives me the right sheer and shimmer. It does pair well with dramatic eyes and lips. The product on its own shows four different color, but in reality all you get is a sheer peachy-pink shimmer.
  • The smell is very cute – lol. I am pretty sure that smell can’t be aptly described as cute, but this is. It makes you want to eat this stuff.
Why I don’t love it?
  • This product, unfortunately, is not for every skin tone :(. I really hate to say this, but anyone over NC 42 won’t get a lot of wear out of this as a blush. It may work well as a high-lighter though. In fact, I am pretty sure in the summer when I tan, it won’t sit very well with my NC 42 skin. (For reference I am NC 40 in winter and NC 42 in summer). Lighter skinned ladies will love it, darker skin ladies may want to try Benefit’s Coralista for better suited color.
  • I still don’t know if Benefit is available in India or not. Personally, I feel its high time that India gets its own Sephora or similar cosmetic retail outlets.  Benefit, are you listening – open a store in India.
Overall Rating – A- 
If you are looking for a sheer blush that works as a face powder too, look no futher than Benefit’s Sugarbomb. Darker skin ladies if you want this so bad, go for it – because it can work as a highlighter. 
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11 thoughts on “Benefit Sugarbomb Blush Swatches and Review – Updated

  1. Adorable On Your Vanity

    lol i haven't even written the review yet. who will read it now, you guys have already made up your mine 😛

    yes ladies its lovely – I really hope benefit is available in India. Is it? Cynth you have coralista blush – where did u get it from? ebay?


  2. Tanveer Parmar

    Hey! Congrats on the new layout :).. The blush looks really nice – only if it were just sheer and not shimmery. Somehow i don't like shimmery blushes. But I agree – the packaging is gorgeous. :-)


  3. Cheeky Beauty

    Ohh I must admit when I saw this in the Benefit shop window I wanted to try it.

    But I stopped myself as usually Benefot products look pretty but don't do anything amazing (for me anyway).

    I have Coralista, I figure it might be similar-ish..?

    Anyway, it looks gorgeous..

    And thanks for the comments & follow of my blog- I thought I'd come and read yours too, it's great :)


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