Hi people :)
I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d dish out on my current skin care essentials.

  1. My favorite cleanser is Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple. I love how gentle it is, has an extremely pleasant smell to & how it washes away all my make-up. Yup, no need for a separate make-up remover.
  2. My go-to moisturizer these days is, well you guessed it, Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar. It feels like whipped cream on my skin. It is extremely light weight and oil-free and sits well on my skin.
  3. For my weekly face-mask, I especially love Lush’s Love Lettuce mask. It is a great mask if you want radiance, it gives your skin beautiful glow. I also like Clinique’s Turnaround Instant Facial. But lately I have been using mostly Lush’s fresh face masks.
  4. I will leave the eye cream section blank, because my never ending search for eye creams is back to square one. Yes, I did write a wonderful review about Body Shop’s eye cream. After a month of use, however, I contend that it was mediocre at its best. I may try Lancome’s genifique, next. Or something from Dior? Which eye creams do you use and what do you like about them. Let me know =)
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5 thoughts on “My current skin care essentials.

  1. Cynthia Z

    I really wanna try Hope in a jar but Philosophy's not in India right now :( . At the moment I'm only using 2 Pond's eye creams- Age Miracle n Flawless White n I like them. I think I'm gonna try Clinique All About Eyes next


  2. Rati

    I met a makeup artist today and I was telling her how much I work on computer. She said if that be the case then your eyes are in pretty good condition. 😛 I use Blossom Kochhar's under eye cream. But it's available only in India.Even did a review on it. :)

    Must give lush masks a try. :)


  3. Adorable On Your Vanity

    Divs – Ya I am feeling much better now.
    Cynthia – Yes, by all means get your hands on it. Its by far the best moisturizer I have tried. I heard India will soon have Sephora opening. Also, I have tried Clinique's all about eyes, I didnt like it much. Let me know how you like it.
    Rati – I'll be coming back home this summer and will definitely pick up Blossom Kochhar's eye cream. Yes, try Lush's face mask. I also like BB seaweed.


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