So after much searching you have found your purrrrrrfect foundation shade. It matches your skin-tone so amazingly well that people can’t help but compliment your foundation. Well, because its so freaking obvious that you are wearing it. Its texture is far from perfect. Well in my case, my skin tone found its soul mate in Laura Mercier’s Oil Free foundation in Suntan Beige. The color is beyond perfect. Perfect undertone match – which is so hard to find for Indian skin tones. The color is perfect when I am tanned in summers. In winters, however, I mix it with lighter foundation. But the texture is YUCK. No offense to Miss Laura Mercier. It is so cakey and feels like I am wearing layers of frosting, very fattening frosting. So one day, I got sick of it and stopped wearing it so everyday in my make-up drawer I watched it rotting day by day. However, it did cost me over 50 bucks. It may have started to fear that it will die alone. I can’t be THAT heartless, so I decided to give it another try.

I had three problems with it; 1) It felt too heavy on my skin, 2) It lacked any sort of moisture for winter, 3) It gave me no radiance whatsoever.

To beat out the heaviness and lack of moisture, I added lightweight oil-free moisturizer. I used Philosophy’s Hope in Jar – which is an amazing moisturizer I absolutely love despite the price tag ( I should do a seperate review for it). It thinned out the foundation, got rid of the cakey build-up and made my skin feel absolutely hydrated. To beat out the winter dullness, I added a drop of my trusted MAC Strobe Liquid. The final result was that my skin was glowing. It barely felt as if I was wearing any make-up. It gave me that glow that people get when they fall in love. Except I am not, well maybe I am in love, with my foundation, that is 😉

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5 thoughts on “How to decake foundation.

  1. Adorable On Your Vanity

    Also, if your skin feels extremely dry because of foundation, a good away to get an instant glow is to put 2-3 drop of essential oils or even johnson's baby oil on your palm and place it on your face…don't rub it, just let it be for 30 seconds. you'll get an insta glow.


  2. Tanveer Parmar

    Oh, gr8 tips! Thks so much!! I tried out the baby oil tip & it worked!! My skin glowed so much, ppl in office kept asking me wht I had done!

    I will def try it with the moussee now!! Thks so much 😀


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