I love MAC. It is probably my most trusted brand of all times. I like it because of the quality and vast range of its products, new collections that keep the brand up to date, the fabulous make-up artists and just the fact that there are products for EVERYONE. You can find the perfect shade of your foundation, that perfect red lipstick or that very particular shade of eyeshadow. MAC hardly every disappoints. It is also a truly global brand, you can find a MAC store/counter in practically any part of the world. It is also proudly Canadian like myself.  And hello, can we forget that our Bollywood actresses swear by it. So, to honor this brand, I present to you my top 7 MAC products that I can’t do without.

  1. My most, absolutely most favorite MAC eyeshadow is JUXT. It was actually the first MAC product I ever tried and instantly fell in love with it. As I write this post, I am actually out of Juxt completely and its ready to go back to mac. Also, I am sorry, I would not be able to swatch the left over color because my camera is dead :( But back to Juxt, it is a beautiful bright golden green with a satin finish, that looks gorgeous on Indian skin tone. I am NC 40 and it look absolutely stunning as a single tone in summers.
  2. My trusty 190 Foundation Brush. 190 have been hooking for the past 2 years and still going strong. All I can say, is that our love knows no bounds 😉 Great foundation brush!
  3. Say hello to instant sassiness, say hello to Tinted Lipglass in Russian Red. It is by far the sexiest red I have ever tried on, and trust me, I am big on red lipglosses. Whenever I am having a bad day, I turn to this babe instead of chocolate. Zero calories and instant upliftment.
  4. Ask me, what’s one blush you can wear anywhere and look amazing while doing so, it will have to be MAC’s Powder Blush in Peachy Keen. It is a sheer baby peach that gives you a very real glow. Its my staple to school, definitely a go-to blush.
  5. Want to get that glow which screams you are in love – nevermind the fact that you maybe stuck in a single rut? Well, try Strobe Liquid. Its worth it, trust me.
  6. Who doesn’t like liner that lasts all day long, with a little bit of blitz&glitz? Try the fluidline liner blacktrack or my favorite, blitz&glitz for that extra bit of kick 😉
  7. Want to ensure those uber expensive brushes last a really, really long time? Like forever? Then count on you this Brush Cleanser to take care of them. I wash mine once a week with this baby. No complaints so far.

What about you, what do you like (or dislike) about MAC. Let me know! XX

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6 thoughts on “7 things i LOVE about MAC

  1. Tanveer Parmar

    Really Nice post and a nice list 😀 .. Can't really say too much as I don't use MAC at all (*gasps of horror, i suppose*)..

    Have managed to find better dupes in NYX and Bourjois and now tht Inglot is opening up near my place – over thr too 😀

    But just wanted some advice frm u. Have u tried any of MAC's cream blushes? If yes, can you do a review? Am very curious how they compare to NYX.


  2. Rati

    I have found my perfect shade of foundation at MAC. What else do I say more? :) Infact, I was the one who got bored of reading these rants about MAC and now it's all changing. 😛 I have to try the fluidline but I have so many blaks lying in my stack that i want to finish them up first. :)

    Btw, nice profile pic. You look pretty. :)


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