I love, love, love the joie-de-vivre cremeblend blush. It just spells spring for me, definitely the most beautiful pinkish coral ever. I was so eager to wear it that I wore to the gym :) It definitely gives you the old-school pinkish glow. Totally love. I did try to wear it on my lips to see if it will work and must say this is best used as a blush and nothing else. It dried up my lip and did not work at all with my pigmented lips. This is definitely my pick from the MAC in Lillyland collection.

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3 thoughts on “Joie-de-vivre Cremeblend Blush with swatches.

  1. Adorable On Your Vanity

    I'll look into NYX. I haven't tried it yet, but hearing from you means good things :)

    Yeah this is a very old school color. Really gorgeous. Just go to the MAC store once the collection hits India. I think its about too. MAC may be expensive, but a lot of there stuff is worth it.


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