First things first, I love Urban Decay’s Eyeliners; Zero 24/7 Glide-On Pencil was the first eyeliner that I ever fell in love with. Of all the things Urban Decay does right, I still believe that it does eyeliners the best. So, I bring to you today, three of UD’s finest eyeliners, all three of which I truly love!



Urban Decay Perversion 24/7 Glide-On Pencil is easily the blackest, creamiest eyeliner I own. I didn’t buy into the fuss when this initially launched, like years ago – well, I should have! This is a bullet-proof eyeliner which does not budge or move and is perfect for the waterline, too.


Sephora Collection Color Lip Last


Sephora Collection Color Lip Last – $16 CDN

If you haven’t heard of these and consider yourself a lipstick lover, let me break it to you; you are missing out, big time! Often overlooked by the amazing collection of brands that Sephora houses, these are hidden gems, waiting to be unearthed. What really drew me to these lipsticks was a single swatch of the shade “Elegant in Brown” – a deep vampy shade. The formula is full of pigment and a smooth glaze to it, which makes the formula very effortless to wear. The lipstick also has a slight, extremely pleasant scent to it; kind of like strawberry shortcake, but I can’t exactly put a finger on it. The only issue I  have with these is that the formula is inconsistent; it goes from matte to a full on cream and to something in between,  depending on the shade. And unfortunately it does not provide a 10 hour wear as it claims, I would say about 2-3 hours, at most. The shades I bought, I absolutely love as they are all unique; Rose Bouquet is a reddish light pink, perfect day colour, Daring Pink – a deeper red-pink hybrid & Elegant in Brown, which is a dupe for MAC’s Diva lipstick, but slightly better than the latter.


Elegant in Brown, Daring Pink & Rose Bouquet

Annabelle Spring 2015


Annabelle Biggy Bronzer in Dark Gold ($11.95), Blushon in Rosebud ($7.95) & Lipsies in Cherry & Fruit Punch ($4.95)

Biggy Bronzer in Dark Gold

Let me be completely honest and let me just get straight to the point; this is the best bronzer from drugstore that I have tried. Easy to blend, full of luminous sheen and pigmented just right – this one is clearly a winner! If you are of medium-dark skin tone like me, you would know; finding a decent coloured bronzer is a constant struggle. If it is too dark, you look muddy, if it is on the lighter side, it gets lost on you and heaven forbid if it is glittery, you look like a disco-ball. I love how it is dark enough with a strong golden undertone and sheen, not frost! And what’s even better is that it is all that, while being super easy on the wallet!

Biggy Bronzer


LUSH Solid Shampoos


LUSH’s solid shampoos have always struck a chord with me. They do what a shampoo does, all while looking cute, giving a great bang for your buck and being good for the environment. If you have been reading the blog since its inception, you would know I have reviewed pretty much all of these. So, when LUSH released six (!) new solid shampoos to their already, pretty amazing line, I literally squealed as I read the press release!


Copperhead Solid Shampoo ($11.95)

Especially meant for darker/henna treated hair, to help retain colour and moisturize, Copperhead piqued my interest in about two seconds (give or take a nano in between)! As someone who does henna on her hair, very irregularly, anything that will help elongate the colour is a more than welcome guest in bathroom. It is also supposed to be moisturizing, as henna can be slightly drying on the hair. It definitely is moisturizing, but I am not entirely sold on the protecting the colour part. It does, however, give a lot of shine to my hair. The imprint on the shampoo, is like art in your bathroom shelf. Can’t resist!


Amber * Nine


MAC Amber Times Nine – $48 CDN

Palettes have been all the rage for a while now and seems like MAC finally caught up with the trend and no, no one is upset about it. What is different about the “times nine” palette series is that the eyeshadows are tiny, basically, the nine eyeshadows here are equal to a typical MAC quad. So if you are someone who rarely hits pan on eyeshadow, this is exactly what you need. The palette in question, Amber Times Nine, is a well edited neutral palette, with nine shades of neutrals ranging from pale champagne to a brown-black with golden specks.

MAC Amber * Nine

MAC Amber * Nine


50 Shades of Grey


So, 50 Shades of Grey, not exactly my idea anything respectable, really; therefore, I will refrain from speaking about how I feel about the novel and the film, neither of which found a consumer in me. I will, however, write a lot of wonderful things about the makeup collection courtesy of Make Up For Ever.


Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow palette in I-514, ME-612, S-556, I-625

If you follow my blog and instagram, you would know that I am a huge admirer of Make Up For Ever’s eyeshadows. This quad is no exception, either. All of the shades impart flawless pigmentation, provide smooth application and blendability. I love how usable and versatile the shades are, albeit they are closer to the grey theme.

MUFE Graphic Eyeliner

Make Up For Ever Graphic Liner

The easiest way for me to describe this liner is flawless cat eye in about three seconds. I love the tip and the control provided by it. The colour is perfect jet black. I really don’t have much else to say.


Clarins Garden Escape

Clarins Garden Escape Palette – $44 CDN


Icy pinks and pastel greens; not exactly my idea of perfection on my lids!

These eyeshadows, however, begged to differ. You see, if the application is so buttery smooth, it is not difficult for ‘em eyeshadows to flatter a skin tone not exactly meant from them, at least traditionally. So, sparks flew and I fell in love with this palette. With a primer, these last pretty well through the day. And did I tell you, these blend like a dream? Basically, what I am saying is, this is totally worth checking into, even if you think these shades are not meant for you. This palette is definitely my find of Spring 2015; functional, pretty and all of that while being pastel.





As a permanent non-believer of Valentine’s Day and an abiding believer of fabulous bath stuff, the best part about Valentine’s Day is undeniably the amazing collections that come courtesy of LUSH! Full of aphrodisiacs and creative shapes, these are bound to blow your mind and steal your heart!


Floating Flower Bath Bomb* – $6.95

Jasmine aficionados raise your hands and rush to your nearest LUSH store and grab this one if you still can (it’s sold out on the website!). This one is the most abundantly lush way to have a little pocket of jasmine. Before I put it to use, it laid on my bedside drawer and my entire room smelled as if it were a jasmine garden; basically my version of heaven. Though it is not mentioned, it felt to me as if it was a bubble-bathbomb because it resulted in a bit of a foam along with the beautifully tricoloured water. A must have out of the entire collection!


Heart Throb Bubbleroon – $8.95

One of the most delicately scented, moisturizing baths of the year, you guys! Slightly floral with the hints of ylang-ylang & geranium and completely skin softening with shea butter, this is another must have! I love how it leaves a colour to your bath and crumbles easily with no fuss with the right amount of bubbles!


Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar* – $7.95


DSC_6650 copy

“Face and Body” foundations are my go to for everyday – seamless, natural and barely there coverage, but just quite enough to give a flawless finish. The best part is, if you are wearing the right shade, nobody can tell if you are even wearing a base. Who doesn’t love that?  I have two popular F&B’s – MAC & Make Up For Ever* up for some discussion. Let’s roll!


MAC Face and Body Foundation in C4 – $42 CDN 


Yes Yes Yes & Pearl


Yes Yes Yes & Pearl Massage Bars – $10.95

Floral aficionados, these are so, so calling your respective names! Lush’s massage bars, though expensive, are totally an experience in its own. Moisturizing and dripping with fragrance, these are a complete indulgence. Soothe your senses and say bye-bye to dry skin – sounds good?



MUFE Artist Liner
Make Up For Ever Artist Liner – $23 CDN

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! Am I describing an eyeliner’s application or solving a riddle? You best believe I’m talking about the Make Up For Ever Artist Liner in Matte Black M-10! Flawlessly pigmented and butter-like application is what I expected and essentially, what I got! But is it the blackest black and the longest lasting champion? Let’s dissect!

MUFEArtist Liner



Maybelline Creamy Mattes


Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick – $7-10 CDN

Over the years, I have warmed up to drugstore products quite a bit. I remember when I initially started blogging, I would find it offensive to think anything beneath MAC, but now things can’t be more different. I’m always on the look out for the newest drugstore launch and though I am not always impressed with what I purchase, drugstore makeup still evokes much excitement from my end. The latest product which makes me want to validate my love for budget beauty is Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick. AMAZING STUFF, YOU GUYS! So amazing that the previously obnoxious plastic-like smell present in Maybelline’s lipsticks is now easily overlooked.


I picked out two shades; Touch of Spice & Mesmerizing Magenta, both of which I truly adore. Touch of Spice is something I literally wear every single day; a perfect neutral, a mix of mauve and brown. Mesmerizing Magenta is not fuchsia, it is actually magenta and for that reason, I love this shade too! Its that 90’s magenta; slightly hot pink, a bit of purple and a slight metallic undertone.


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